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Quick Care Tips For Grass Plugged Lawns

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General Care and Maintenance for Beautiful Lawns

Once a good lawn is established, fertilize, mow and water properly to maintain a grass dense enough to resist weeds and disease. This will also keep the grass healthy enough to produce growth and a pleasant appearance. Once lawn grass is mature, it will produce abundant, organic plants.

Grass Plug From SeedlandThe most important factors in maintaining healthy turf grasses are your basic cultural practices:

  • Mowing  - General information on mowing practices
  • Fertilizing - General information on Grass fertilization
  • Watering - General information on grass watering


One of the most important factors about lawn mowing is to keep your lawn mower blades sharp. Dull blades chew the grass and damaged grass is susceptible to disease. The growth rate of grasses vary with the presence of moisture, temperature, and fertility. Mow at the proper height and frequency. See our page on growing grass for a chart of suggested mowing heights for the various species of grass. No more than one-third the height of the grass leaf blades should be removed when mowing.

 Mowing too infrequently can cause a thatch buildup. Mowing too low can cause problems in turf quality. Healthy grass clippings DO NOT need to be picked up, but diseased clippings DO. Healthy grass clippings will actually provide your lawn grass with up to 25% nitrogen. Great for the grass great for the environment! However, remove clippings if the amount is excessive. (e.g., clumping occurs). More info at


Maintaining a good quality lawn requires a properly planned fertilization program. A low fertility lawn is best for those who have little time or little interest on lawn maintenance and is better on the environment as well as water tables. A high fertility lawn is for those who have more time for lawn care. Rates and frequency of application correlate to the choice of a high or low fertility grass species. A correct fertilization program accompanied by proper watering will produce a good quality lawn with minimal thatch buildup. There are slow-release fertilizers available that are easy to use and that produce excellent results. A good compost or organic fertilizer is a preferred fertilization method over chemical fertilizers. More info on fertilization rates at


The best practice to water a lawn is on an as-needed basis. Grass blades will begin to wilt ( fold, turn bluish-green in color and show signs of non-recovery from traffic or foot printing) as moisture begins to be depleted in the soil. If 30% to 50% of the lawn shows these signs of slight wilting, irrigate with 3/4 inches of water. The lawn should fully recover within 24 hours. Watering should not be commenced until the lawn again shows signs of wilting. Proper watering will help develop a deep root system and help maintain a lawn that requires less mowing and little thatch buildup. Proper watering also helps reduce diseases and weed invasions. More info at

Read detailed tips about success with your grass plugs or sod.

Important Shipping Information About Grass Plugs

*Subject to any ship delay caused by adverse weather (rain just prior to shipment)
Orders placed after 10 AM Friday will be scheduled for shipment on the next cycle (2nd Monday).

Important - Shipping Restrictions: Due to state agricultural regulations on soils, we can not ship our Grass Plugs to the following states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, & Wyoming. Due to shipping time constraints we do not ship any plugs outside USA mainland States. (IE: Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska, US Islands). There are no restrictions on seeds shipped to these states.

Shipment Dates: Our grass plugs ship seasonally* every Monday for all orders placed the previous week. Orders must be placed by 10 am EST on Friday in order to ship the following week. Occasionally shipments may be delayed due to weather issues (heavy rains result in plugs too wet to ship). Since we ship orders ASAP once they are placed, please order only if you are ready to plant.

*Note: Seedland only ships Grass Plugs during the spring months of February, March, April, and May.  Some varieties may also ship in September and October - Call for availability.  We do not ship during summer months as the heat during transit can damage the plugs. - Growing a beautiful tomorrow!®
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